Tester Time

Tester Time


There are times when you wish you could go back again and undo something that you did when you were younger. One of the things that I would certainly do if I had a time machine available is to go back and stop myself from ever picking up that first cigarette. I have to admit, during that time I felt that it was the best thing for me to do and although I did receive some pressure from my friends, it was more of a personal decision on my part that I should begin smoking in order to fit in with the general crowd. Unfortunately, I never realized at that time exactly how difficult it would be to give up the habit.

That was junior high school, and since that time I have married, had two children and I still continued to smoke approximately one pack of cigarettes every day. Over the years, I had tried to give up smoking several times and I have used a number of different methods in order to do so. Cold turkey tended to work the best, and although I was never 100% successful trying that method at first, it was something that kept me from smoking many times for a month or more before I went back to the habit.

During the time that I was trying to give up smoking, there weren't a lot of the newer pharmaceutical methods for getting it up, such as the patch and certain types of laser surgery. As a matter of fact, the only two choices that I had were either to cut down on the amount that I was smoking or to give it up altogether. Nicotine gum was available at the time but it was so expensive that it was really outside of my reach, especially considering the fact that I was raising two children and was the only income in a single income family. It was less expensive for me to continue smoking than to use the nicotine gum to give it up.

I finally learned the secret of actually giving up the habit, and it's a secret that many people have not been no to come to grips with entirely. The simple fact of the matter is, unless you want to give up smoking it is highly unlikely that you are ever really going to go through with doing it. I had to thoroughly convince myself that I wanted to get rid of the habit before I finally was able to give it up altogether.

Another thing that most people don't realize is the fact that it is never going to be easy to kick the habit, and although some people will tell you that they were able to give up smoking without any problem at all, they are more the exception than the rule. As far as my addiction was concerned, I thought about it all day, every day for at least six months before it started to fade out of my memory a little bit. It was a constant struggle, but it was one that got a little bit easier as time went on. It wasn't that the desire became any less, it was the fact that more time had passed. It was the time that really helped me to give it up altogether.

That has been many years ago, and although I don't have the desire to go back to the habit again, there are times when it crosses my mind. The difference is, is simply a passing thought in said something that sticks around for the long term.

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